Cotto’s revenge eJuice

vapingThis elite southern inspired company has perfected the combination of prohibition distillery processes and e-juice production. Joe Cotto formed his first e-juice as a personal alternative to smoking in Arizona during 2013. The new habit appealed to him, and out of a desire for better flavor options, he began the complicated process of making his own brew. Aged in oak barrels for 2 weeks, the high quality ingredients absorbs a specialized, unique flavor resulting in a premium line of e-juice flavors.


Cotto’s Revenge has embraced its southern heritage to steep each flavor, ensuring it is ready for use straight out of the bottle. Demand grew for Cotto’s high quality eJuice, and the company began to flourish, especially thanks to its affordable prices. Available to consumers in larger quantities than many of its competitors, Cotto’s Revenge eJuice comes in either 30ml or 120ml glass bottles with dropper caps and an optional nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg. Founder, Cotto, focuses his flavor profile line on his love for American history. More Midwestern in style symbolism southern, their product line features a signature cowboy hat wearing skull. Starting with a Bourbon Custard flavor, the Cotto’s Revenge’s line now produces six different options to meet consumer’s tastes.

Cotto’s revenge eJuice has a Facebook page where new customers can view reviews and enter to win products through giveaways. The Facebook site, Cotto’s Revenge E-Juice Media Connection, ranks 4.8 out of 5 stars by reviewers. The praise for imaginative originality, boozy flavors and oak steeped bursts of flavors, explain why users have become committed loyal consumers of the Cotto’s Revenge brand eJucies. The great products are an inspiring way to avoid returning to cigarettes. Made in the USA, Cotto’s Revenge eJuice is now available in France, UK and other countries worldwide. Get your own flavor of cottos revenge here at eJuice Farm‘s online vape store.

Bourbon Custard, the Cotto’s Revenge’s first flavor

Cotto’s Revenge eJuice jumped off the product line with a perfectly blended introduction product. This blend of Kentucky style southern Bourbon, vanilla custard, toasted almonds and wisps of coconut has the amazing oak barrel finished flavor. Known for this unique distillery quality, the flavor is classic, sophisticated, and sweet. With a 10PG/90VG ratio, customer’s reviews savor this favorite ejuice profile. Rich and smooth, most users by pass the small bottle and jump straight to the 120ml to ensure they never run out of their favorite product.